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My statistics and SPSS book, suitable for anyone who wants help on performing statistical analyses for research, is now on sale. This book has been 'work in progress' for something like 5 years. Various draft versions have been test-driven by several cohorts of psychology students. Their comments, feedback, and encouragement has really helped shape the book that it is now. It was commissioned by Pearson Education, one of the leading academic publishers worldwide. As the versions became more serious, every chapter was scrutinised by expert peer-reviewers across the UK, adding to the validity and reliability.

There are many statistics and SPSS books out there, so why get this one? This book differs in several ways. There is comprehensive use of alternative methods to SPSS in almost all chapters. Few people know of the 'add-on' that can be applied through Excel to run statistics; the book shows you how to do that. Many undergraduate books explore multivariate and covariate tests, such as MANOVA and ANCOVA. However, this is the only book of its kind to present repeated-measures MANOVA and multivariate ANCOVA. Students who have used the pre-publication versions of this book have said how this book is the most accessible SPSS source that they have ever used (see Amazon and Pearson reviews below).



Expert reviews

"This is a comprehensive resource of all the statistics you could ever want for degree level Psychology" - Neil Cruickshank, Budmouth College, Weymouth

"Definitely my go-to statistics textbook, the perfect guide for all levels of undergraduate" - Psychology student, University of Glasgow

"This book provides clear and comprehensive coverage of a wide range of statistical tests used in psychology. It will be of great value to novice and advanced researchers alike." - Dr Richard Rowe, University of Sheffield

"This engaging and student-centred book demystifies the challenges of statistics and SPSS for the numerically anxious student." - Dr Kate Bullen, Aberystwyth University

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